Balance4Life Programs has been delivering training since 2011 and involved in educating students and teachers since 1991.

The 2019 Workshops are ready to go…

These affordable workshops and packages will help you get more balance back in your life.

Emotional IntelligenceDeveloping greater Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. What defines EQ and how improving it benefits everyone. 26 topics to choose from for your workplace or school.

Topics that can be covered are:





Making Change



Setting Goals – Creating your Vision –  This  workshop is “hands on”, so be prepared to work on a personal or team goal, using goal setting techniques and creating your own Vision Book.
Seeking a Soulful Life – 7 Steps to Developing
a More Meaningful Relationship
With The Universe
Stress ManagementRecognising the signs of stress in yourself and others. The workshop will give you tools to manage stress and development tips to be more aware of the feelings and emotions that stress may bring up for you.
A Balanced LifeDoes it feel like your wheels are about to fall off? Using the “Wheel of Life” will identify which areas of your life need attention. The workshop will focus on self development, but the tools can be applied to your team.
Coaching and Mentoring othersDevelop some basic coaching skills that will help you to show genuine interest in your team members or employees. This workshop is experiential and you will be expected to be coach and coachee.
Mindfulness and MeditationStudies show that mindfulness and meditation in the workplace increases productivity. This workshop will help you to set up a meditation practice and space for your organization.
 Reiki tuition to all levels

We also help people to recognize their triggers and then develop effective strategies to manage their resulting stress.

Social and Emotional Intelligence programs range from a short presentation to a 2 day intensive or a program that extends over a couple of months.

For individuals, it starts out with a comprehensive, personal profile and coaching starts with your results.

For groups, presentations and workshops can be tailored around some 26 different SEI competencies.

Topics can include:

  • Building awareness of self and others
  • Behavioural Self Control
  • Realistic Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Stress Management
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Building Trust
  • Inspirational Leadership





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