Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress in one way or another.

How you deal with it is the key to managing stress.

Discussing what is stressing you is, for most people, the first step you take. We learn to adapt to the little stresses in life, until one day……..

You are likely to be an active and independent person and love having the freedom to travel and make informed choices about your lifestyle. Having climbed the ladder of success,  you may now be contemplating new directions, but are not sure about stepping out of your comfort zone.

You may be part of what is called the “Sandwich Generation”. Caught in the middle between caring for aging parents, adult children and even perhaps minding grandchildren.  You may find that you have outgrown some of your established relationships or have decided that it is time for a sea or tree change  but it’s an unfortunate fact of life, that whilst the mind is still roaring to go, the body is not quite as nimble or flexible as it used to be…..

Accumulated stress, left untreated or ignored for many years can leave its mark with conditions such as:

Are You Stressed Out?
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Forgetfulness
How's Your Memory?

If you are looking for a drug free, natural approach to managing your stress, then look no further than a Balance4Life Program.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – well researched  & effective for many stress related problems, there are Health Fund rebates available from some funds
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy – to find meaning to past events, whether in this lifetime or during a Past Life
  • Coaching – reducing stress by setting achievable goals and planning a better future
  • Reiki – also well researched and an effective stress management tool. You may choose to go beyond receiving a session to taking a course in it.

Our programs and sessions are delivered by people just like you…. With a wealth of experience and a lifetime of stories of our own…. We understand your needs.