Usui ReikiJapanese in origin, the two Kanji (Rei + ki) mean ‘spiritual energy’.

Reiki leaves both client and practitioner relaxed and the energy often helps to resolve emotional and physical issues in a caring and compassionate way. The energy flows through the practitioner once they have been “attuned” and their personal energy is not depleted. Many practitioners will use other therapies alongside their Reiki practice and this will complement the healing process.

Reiki is used in hospitals throughout the world as an adjunct to medical treatment. In Australia, Reiki is used as a complementary health treatment at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth. In the USA, Dr Mehemet Oz uses Reiki during his open-heart surgeries with the assistance of a Reiki Master. You may choose to have a treatment or learn Reiki to give a treatment to family or friends. Individual lessons are taught in the traditional style and with a lineage back to Mikao Usui of less than 10 Masters, you are assured of quality training. See the  REIKI LINEAGE here.

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