Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Meditation

 1:1 Hypnotherapy Sessions – single session or a Balance Bundle – the choice is yours. There is a Balance Bundle to suit everyone and you can use your sessions to access other Balance4Life therapies.

Self Hypnosis training will enable you to improve your concentration, manage stress or pain and is an ideal tool for students who suffer from exam or test anxiety.

Past Life Regression training is ideal for the Natural Therapist who would like to guide their client safely to a past life to discover the causes of blocks or patterns of behaviour that occur over many lifetimes.
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Holistic Coaching

Learn how to coach your clients to achieve their full potential.

This is an ideal training for therapists in the health and wellness field. We offer two pathways to learning more about adding Coaching to your toolkit.

Introduction to Holistic Coaching

No prior skills are required. This is an ideal “stand alone” module for personal development and will give you the tools to self coach by the completion of the workshop.

A two day workshop this:

  • explores a tried and tested coaching model that will enable you to get the best from yourself and coach others
  • uses effective communication strategies that empowers you to bring about a new awareness and enrich your life.

Affordable and delivered by an experienced Natural Therapist and qualified Coach and Trainer, it is the prerequisite to the more in depth Enhanced Holistic Coaching.

Enhanced Holistic Coaching takes you to a new level. This course is suitable for health care professionals who are already in professional private practice, (e.g; Hypnotherapists, Doctors, Nurses, Massage Therapists and other Natural Therapists), teachers and people who are interested in self development and are seeking quality, face to face training.

You will:

  • explore various coaching models that will enable you to get the best from yourself and your clients
  • use effective communication strategies that empower your clients
  • be prepared to coach and be coached in practical sessions throughout the course.


Meditation and Wellbeing sessions

Weekly sessions, held during the Victorian school terms, provide a space for you to establish your meditation practice and are also suitable for experienced meditators who want to sit in circle with like minded people.


  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Guided Visualization
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Creative Meditation
  • Medical Meditation


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