balance4life workshopsBalance4Life Programs has been delivering workshops since 2011 and involved in educating students and teachers since 1991.

These are just some of the affordable workshops and packages will help you get more balance back in your life. New workshops topics are offered each year – if you would like to find out more about the 2023 offerings, contact us.

The Value of Self CareAirlines tell you to use the oxygen mask for yourself before helping others. It’s the same in the workplace. Practical strategies to take home or to the workplace and implement immediately.

The Positive Effects of Setting Personal Goals Making sure your goals are achievable. This goal setting workshop is “hands on”, so be prepared to work on a personal goal.

The ABC of Stress ManagementRecognising the signs of stress in yourself and others. The workshop will give you tools to manage stress and development tips to be more aware of the feelings and emotions that stress may bring up for you.

Identifying Triggers keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check and strategies to develop greater self awareness.

Why Emotional Intelligence Mattersbecome aware of your emotional responses and those of others that you interact with and developing effective Emotional Intelligence strategies to manage interpersonal relationships.

Believe it or Not! the role of beliefs – yours and others – in your work/life balance. Our beliefs are shaped from an early age, some are still helpful, others not. Using powerful visualization techniques, this workshop will explore how to change unhelpful beliefs to achieve your goals.

Meditation made easy – if you have found it hard to meditate in the past, perhaps you have not yet discovered the style of meditation that suits you best. Based on the work of Herbert Benson, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ian Gawler, this 8 session workshop will guide beginner and intermediate meditators to find a form of meditation that will help you establish your own regular practice.

Seven Circles – exploring the esoteric. The seven circles of the Cretan Labyrinth weave in and out and this 8 session workshop will help bring balance to your chakras. The labyrinth is an ideal way to bring about balance. This is quite a different approach to the usual method of chakra balancing as it is both somatic and meditative. 

Seeking a Soulful Life – 7 Steps to Developing a More Meaningful Relationship With The Universe – Deep within us is a need to nourish our souls. When you pay attention to what your soul needs you are making an investment in yourself and the Universe responds accordingly




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