Supervision and Mentoring is a goal-oriented relationship between two professionals

it is not criticism or therapy.

You and others like you, who seek to learn and grow through association, will benefit from this experience. Whether a newly qualified practitioner or an experienced professional, within this mentorship you are the learner. Supervision and Mentoring augments the training already received by you in academic settings.

Meg Phillips is an Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor for the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists. The AACHP is a member of the Australian Council of Hypnotherapy which is dedicated to the furthering of hypnotherapy as a profession and fosters professional hypnotherapy expertise through regular continuing education, accreditation and continued support of their members. The AACHP seeks to contribute to public wellbeing ensuring that hypnotherapists are safe, competent and ethical in practice and all members abide by a Code of Conduct.

If you are seeking a supervisor for your own hypnotherapy practice Meg is happy to mentor and support you with her stress free and calm way of working.
She is also happy to mentor and support other types of professional practitioners and complementary therapists other than hypnotherapists due to her broad training in a number of therapeutic modalities and her clinical experience.

Sessions are held via Zoom, Skype or phone.
Supervision ensures that the therapist / practitioner does not stand still in their practice, but continues to grow and develop as a practitioner. It provides you with a different viewpoint, supports and allows you a safe and confidential environment to explore clinical issues, which will enhance your growth as a professional. Take advantage of this strictly confidential, helpful and healing professional opportunity today.

Benefits of this service with Meg:
You may experience:

  • a reduced sense of isolation.
  • a smoother entry and development into the `healing` fields.
  • a look at `healing` from another’s perspective.
  • a challenge to continue developing professionally.
  • strengthening of specific skills or knowledge areas.
  • identifying your own strengths and any areas that need focus.

The benefits to your clients are:

  • an increase in the number of practitioners skilled in a variety of settings.
  • addressing the needs of your clients and improves your service.
  • support for you, the practitioner.

Some benefits to the diverse natural therapies professions are:

  • evidence that your relationship with a supervisor that requires commitment and thought.
  • an increase in well-rounded, adequately supervised professionals in the field.

Meg believes that her service is of benefit to any of the natural therapy professions, not just hypnotherapy.

  • Each mentoring situation is unique, depending on the individual involved and the goals of the relationship.
  • This is a private commitment between two professional individuals or the group.
  • Common to all successful mentorships and supervision is a mutual commitment to professional growth.
As a hypnotherapist, natural therapies practitioner, NLP practitioner or Personal Trainer- it is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately supervised.
 So take advantage of this strictly confidential, helpful and healing professional opportunity today by filling in the form below.

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